Photo by: Roberto Sánchez


João Paulo Silva

Principal Investigator
I am a research biologist with a strong understanding on the ecology and behaviour of birds that inhabit grassland ecosystems. Animal tracking has been central in my research for studying their movements and behaviours. Some of my areas of interest, which are primarily intended to inform conservation practices, include the use and selection of habitats, the effects of climate change, breeding behaviour, migration patterns, and population dynamics.

Ana Teresa Marques

I am an ecologist passionate about biodiversity conservation and bird ecology. My research focuses on how birds interact with human activities, especially those brought on by agriculture and infrastructures. I am specifically interested on species distribution and abundance, individual survival, and habitat connectivity, and how this knowledge can be applied to enhance species conservation.

Francesco Valerio

I am a naturalist scientist with a background in theoretical and applied aspects of conservation science. I have also experience in testing statistical methods and connectivity approaches for multiple or single wildlife species across various European habitats. Currently I am interested in steppe habitat and associated species within the Iberian Peninsula, utilizing remote sensing to optimize spatial conservation plans. Strong advocate for interdisciplinary ecological approaches to wildlife conservation.

João Gameiro

I am researcher interested in ecology, behaviour and conservation, mainly with birds. I have been focusing my research on steppe birds and did my PhD with the lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni) and the roller (Coracias garrulus), namely regarding species interactions and artificial nests. I am very interest in movement ecology, space use and how research can provide recommendations for evidence-based conservation.

Carlos Miguel Pacheco

Currently I am particularly interested in studying the reproductive biology, movements and population dynamic of steppe birds and large birds of prey. Studying threats affecting these populations, the effects of habitat modification, and predation are my main focus, as well as applying this knowledge to the development of conservation measures to improve the conservation status of these species.

Luís Venâncio

Research Assistant
I am a self-taught naturalist. For many years I participated in fauna monitoring and nature conservation actions and recently I was able to combine my passion for the natural environment with my professional activity. I am mainly interested in birds and I am glad to be able to contribute to their study and conservation.

Gonçalo Ferraz

PhD Student
I am a biologist passionate about bird ecology, wildlife conservation, and evolution. My research focus on understanding how two farmland bird species from Iberia, the pin-tailed and the black-bellied sandgrouse, cope with changes in their habitat, mostly caused by agricultural intensification. I am specifically interested in the factors influencing their distribution, abundance, and breeding success, as well as understanding their diet and how populations are connected within the Peninsula.

Rita Ramos

PhD Student
Ecologist with a soft side for statistical analysis and logical thinking. Currently finishing my PhD, I have a big interest in species migrations and the effects of increasing temperatures on their behaviour. My main career goal is to help implement relevant conservation measures based on sound science.

Tiago Mendes

PhD Student
I am a biologist with a particular interest in the interface between conservation biology and ecological modelling, with a special focus on finding solutions to conflicts between people and wildlife. In my current PhD dissertation, I combine ecological modelling with high-quality environmental data to examine the effects of agricultural intensification on highly threatened vertebrate species with different ecological requirements.

Madeleine Barryte

MSc Student
I am currently working towards my Master of Biology-Ecology at Universiteit Vrije Brussels, Belgium. I am a graduate of University of Oregon, USA, with a B. S in Biology and an emphasis on Ecology and Evolution. Professionally, I plan to focus on conservation efforts, emphasizing biodiversity in realms where diversity is unvalued and therefore especially threatened by environmental and anthropogenic factors. In my free time, I enjoy backpacking, making ceramics, and amassing a vintage vinyl collection.

Diogo Santos

MSc Student
I am a scientific and naturalist illustrator, with a great passion for ornithology, animal behavior and conservation education. I started my academic career in Nursing, and I currently work in the area of ​​rehabilitation. I am also completing my master’s degree in Applied Biology, whose thesis focuses on the production of science communication through scientific illustration to promote the conservation of endangered steppe bird species.

Sara García-Baltasar

I am a biologist who has recently completed a Master in Ecology at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. My primary areas of interest include nature conservation, applied ecology, human impacts on wildlife and the effects of climate change. I have a keen interest in combining research with biodiversity management strategies.

Past Members

Eirini Trip

I am a Master’s graduate in Environmental Biology from the University of Crete, Greece. My research interests include macroecology, biogeography and wildlife conservation. As, a Research Trainee in Cibio on Movement Ecology, I learned to carry out field work on grassland birds (capture and tag the birds with GPS/GSM technology) and to analyze movement data. Currently, I am working on improvements and updates on the Atlas of Amphibians and Reptiles of Europe on the scope of PERIAMAR cost action.

Alice Cutroneo

I am a biologist and for my thesis at the University of Pisa I worked on the migratory behavior of a steppe bird, the Eurasian stone-curlew. After that, I was very lucky and joined the group of Movement Ecology of grassland birds at CIBIO, within my Erasmus grant in Lisbon. During the fieldwork we searched for stone-curlews in Spain steppes and tagged them with GPS devices. I also undertook the analysis of movement data of other bird species, trying to learn as much as possible from my fantastic mentors.

Filippo Guidantoni

I am a naturalist with a keen interest in Ornithology, Ecology, and Conservation of Nature. Currently, I am collaborating with the group of Movement Ecology of grassland birds at CIBIO as part of a joint initiative between the University of Porto and Sapienza University of Rome. My primary role in this collaboration involves supporting the team in capturing, GPS-tagging, and tracking birds, as well as assisting with the organization and analysis of the resulting data.