Photo by: Roberto Sánchez

Wheat fields with biodiversity: save the Montagu’s Harrier

2 years
Montagu’s Harrier
Clube de Produtores Continente / BIOPOLIS
Clube de Produtores Continente; Palombar; Associação Nacional de Produtores de Cereais; Beatriz Arroyo IREC / CSIC

Aims to value the importance of wheat fields for the conservation of steppe birds and contribute towards the conservation of the Montagu’s Harrier in Portugal, a critically endangered threatened species. Main research results attained:

  • Carried out a first assessment on the conservation status of the Montagu’s Harrier in Portugal, revealing a critically depleted population and the need to implement urgent conservation action
  • Colony and nest surveys to support conservation and rescue actions of early cuts of cereal and hay fields
  • Coordination of first national survey of the Montagu’s Harrier in Portugal
  • Study on the diversity of birds in cereal fields
  • Movement ecology Montagu’s Harrier of juvenile birds