Photo by: Roberto Sánchez

Protocol with Junta de Extremadura – monitor and model the occurrence of steppe birds

2 years
Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Stone Curlew, Little Bustard, Great Bustard
Junta de Extremadura
François Mougeot IREC / CSIC

Protocol with Junta de Extremadura aiming to monitor the breeding biology and model the presence and distribution of threatened ground nesting steppic birds. Ongoing, main results expected:

  • Continue the tagging of Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse and Stone Curlew in Extremadura
  • Monitor the breeding parameters of these three species
  • Model the distribution and determine critically important areas for the conservation of ground nesting steppe birds in Extremadura
  • Assess the effects of climate change of the breeding success of the Great Bustard